GM Bespoke Events

Planning an engagement, wedding or big celebration but not looking forward to the headaches? You don’t have to!

Running a business and looking for a new injection of energy into your meetings in the New Year?  We have it all in hand.

Celebrate GM Style and leave your worries behind.

We are based near to Preston, Lancashire in the North West, which is a great central location from which to work with you locally, regionally or nationally. So whether it is event planning across the North West or further afield, we have it covered.


It was beyond my wildest dreams! If you’d have suggested, back in January, that I’d have had that wedding, I’d have assumed you were going a bit overboard with the sales patter!! It was hard work but honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing. Chloe & Andy Williams. 29th May 2015.  
Andy & Chloe Williams